Heroes of Invisible Wars – Claude Françis Dozière


The crew observed the wreckage of the two spaceships on the screen, watching the debris moving slowly in space. Suddenly, a flash of purple lightning struck an asteroid, shattering it. Hattaway flinched, then turned and looked back at the remains.
One of the ships was from Earth, its name clearly legible on its torn flank: ESPERANCE.
The other ship was silver, its shape round and sinuous: a Hurack ship.

It was the Humans who brought war to Space. After many years, peace has finally been restored, but the spaceships are still armed with deadly weapons.
And they are ready to use them.
Captain Jane Hattaway is in command of her first ship but, in a galaxy where nothing is as it seems, political intrigues lead her to a difficult truth: the discovery that her whole life, the history of Earth’s mission in space, is based on a lie.
Born in the Alsace region of France in 1961, Claude Françis Dozière studied foreign languages and literature at the University of Strasbourg. Passionate about science fiction from a young age, he decided it was finally time to put the stories, planets and characters that lived in his head down on paper.
Dozière considers himself more a conteur d’histoire than a writer and writing a means, rather than an end.

Tradotto dall’italiano da Amanda Blee.